Hello, I decided to close my blog after many years. Unfortunately I have no time to look after them or to publish new issues.
Maybe I will write one or two articles in the future, but this is the end. If you have questions or other concerns just use the contact form.

 Over years i found Bugs that neede to be reversed and examined to secure content. In future i got a small coop on , u can read here.

Thanks to a bunch of people that supported me in coding special toolZ to examine alleged secure code and find out the truth. Thanks to the old nerds that opened my eyes to see the truth in companys that sell security but indirectly the sell garbage. Thanks to see that the world ruled by corrupt people to grab customers money and sell bad quality to them. A random job titel isnt all,  a Doctor or Technical Engineer can be also a empty bottle with a lable.

2009-2014 no year without finding any bad code, bad quality and  lies about security. It doenst matter what kind of security.

If you need staff that looks forward and give 100% to prevend any issues contact me or die like other will do. First comes Quality and not dirty money!




With my verssals in battle went down to the end. No second I regret I confess I was there, banished me today or take my live, words of repentance there will never be.


Geschützt: Chipset pairing and the dead cow included small interview on technical staff

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