After the third crash , i will upload the content back step by step.

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Sonnenstudio vs Videotheke SLE4442


Die alte SLE 4442 Speicherkarte ist ein Allrounder unter den Karten, noch heute wird diese Karte für Sonnenstudios als auch Videotheken benutzt als Abrechnung und Verleihsystem. Jedoch lassen sich alle Daten darauf modifizieren und klonen.

Was man  braucht ist ein Bus Pirat

Sle4442Sle4442-2   terminal



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New Led Light Bulb´s be carefull

Led_1492 LED_1494

Be carefull with buying led bulbs from China. Not every bulb that´s cheap is good for you and you home sweet home. I bought a bunch of this bulb´s to test them on Ebay. The seller gave the spec´s for 240V. This Bulb´s are not survive overcurrent that happen´s if you push the light switch. If you push the switch a few micro seconds the current and the voltage is higher than normal. The making current can be destroyed the bulb´s and they are not protected, a normal bulb get a short and the filament die´s. This LED will keep on running an starting to flicker and a sweet stench will follow.

It´s possible that you get a short in your electrical installation.



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I thinning about Membershipment, maybe it´s comming… to cover the hostings cost´s.

For Companys or Investors you can get a special members account for 1 year, please contact me .

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