First at all you need to flash the Bootloader if you are using a Mini-Pro Clone.

German Tutorial:

English Tutorial:

and you need the Firmware that can be found here

After all you can add your FTDI UART to USB and use the Software.

Watch out that you need at least 7,5V DC to run the PCB, if you run more Voltage like 12V the 7805 regulator is getting hot, do not forget to add a Heatsink.

Normally ypu don’t need 12V for the most Floppy Drives,  5V+ are mostly used.

If you wanted to order a PCB, please use the Contact-PGP.

For Germany a PCB (only) is 7€  included shipping with tracking.

Please respect this is a privat project, don´t burn your finger´s and i don´t give warranty for your solder skills. This is a privat to privat sale and only cover the running cost´s of the manufacturing the PCB´s.  If you have a bigger request on an order we can cut the price of each PCB! Example 10 pcs ~ 25€ just an example don´t nail me on it.


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