CI & CI+ CAM´s

IMG_073 IMG_074

IMG_075 IMG_076

Euro Irdeto II Philips 8051XA

b_069 f_068

 Alphacrypt Light , Manufactured by SMC EuroCamD – Software by Mascom

b_067 f066 IMG_071 IMG_072

coverA coverB viaeA viaeB

1topv 2topv pcb10v pcb11v

Engel Camfi_203616 front165707


Dump from the cam is taken.

Onys Cam

DUMP from the cam is taken 😛 and can be downloaded for some cash.

Alphacrypt aka 2.2 with „Drunken disaster version“ Dump taken like ever…


From Light to Classic

Unicam 1.0