How to burn your house down by Chinese Manufacturer and grab the money from the insurence

This 230V AC Adapter with USB 5V DC output can easy burn your house down.

They used a 0,25m² flex cable to transport the 230-240V AC.  What the fuuuuck.

You can see a missing capacitor on the top left. This Capacitor was made for 25V with 22µF.  It melted down by overcurrent. The big Transistor is a MJE13003 and not the best choice for 230V more for the United States of America with 110V. The tiny transformer is melted down too. There is no information about this tiny transformer, only that it stinks.

Generally this tiny transformer in cube design is dangerous for European . You have to put your fingers the half way inside the power socket and it is missing a Earth-Connection too.



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