PC Floppy Drive to read Amiga Floppy Disk´s with Amiga DOS

PCB Design

First grab some fact´s that we need to know about a Floppy Drive.

As Sample I took a NEC FD1231H drive cause it is very often to get on Ebay or Second Hand Shop´s.  information’s can be found here.

NEC only give us 5/12V and 1/4W as comments. So we need around 300mA on 5V or  125mA for 12V.  There is no advice about the used Voltage… Does it needs 12V or just 5V or both? NEC says it requier´s min 5V.

The big Question is, das USB gives us enought current?

USB 1.X ~ 100mA max.

USB 2.X ~ 500mA max.

USB 3.X ~ 900mA max.

We need 2 external PCB´s, a Arduino Mini-Pro and a FTDI232 or a generic interface to get the Data from the Floppy. The Pro Mini takes around 200mA max.  The FTDI max rating´s are 24mA. But what about the Floppy if it´s in bad shape?

So best way is to use an external Power Supply 12V and 1A to be on the secure side.

You can order a PCB for few bug´s soon on ALLPCB.COM ,  you can plug and play put your hardware at home on the PCB and just need to connect the Floppy to it

A Bundle PCB with all needed part´s except the Floppy and Power Supply, can purchased soon. A Privat to Privat sale and not Commercial. Same for other PCB´s that you can get here too.

First Prototype arrived….

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Hardlock USB Security?

Old school Hardlock Dongle.



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Web and Intranet Security

The World Wide Web is full of confidential stuff. It doesn´t matter what kind you are looking for. Full confidential Datasheet´s from manufacturers, customer data from Tax office´s, Burger King internal payroll´s.  IF you want them just search for it you will find it.

Iám doing random forensic to keep me up 2 date.. Mostly the company´s staff is lazy or stupid to keep the internal protected. Also privat people don´t care about the privacy or doesn´t now how to handle a NAS to keep details away from the public.

Ok… Never touch anything you find on the net or change it! But here iám a Asshole and set his Alarm clock to 3:30am  ….  just a prank… but never do anything else like destroy printer or use fax that not belongs to you!




It take´s only less than 10 minutes to find a  Jpeg in good quality with valid ID-Card´s.  Less than 1 minute to find a privat NAS Service included nude pictures. 1 silly minute for confidential PDF´s that are under NDA. Very high confidential Key´s for RSA or other technical stuff like HDCP.


Do not change or touch anything if you find stuff like that. It´s a local Power supply!

My 50 Cent: “ Admin´s please read a book like internet for dummies….“



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34 years of Copy Protection – DRM – and the waste of money

Should we say 34 years of piracy?

In 2018 we got the 35th birthday of Copy Protection, now called as DRM. In the early 80th developer of bigger Company´s like Lucas Art´s started to protect their games with a kind of Copy Protection with different methodes.  On Floppy Disc´s they started to make extra Bad Sectors to fight piracy, the other way was to prevent to copy a Code Book that was printed in colors so nobody can copy the book on a copying machine cause they work only in black and white.

Every of those Copy Protection´s was cracked few weeks lator or they found a way to bypass it.



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O2 Box 6431 Bootloader – WTF

Hi, so my DSL line is based on O2. Since i got this account i had a issue with VOIP services. So if you wanner call somebody you can´t reach any phone number it gives the busy tone and nothing happens. So today O2 Support called me and we tried to figure out what´s wrong with this device.


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OTP Security Part II


To verife the decrypted CW, we can use the offline CSA decrypter and have a look arround.

Importen is that we record the full raw TS file from the beam. (included ECM/EMM data)

Tools we need!

  • CI+ Modul for the vendor (Irdeto, Nagra,NDS,Cryptoworks,Conax)

fi_203616 Weiterlesen

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How works the illegal IPTV and reselling?

The ditribution of illegal IPTV is very easy, but it´s not easy to take them down. Why?

The illegal IPTV sector is splitted up to a handfull of people, that reshare the content over a huge spider network to the customer. Not only IPTV STREAMS are a problem that filthy guys have a libary of illegal copys of movies that are uploaded daily to the servers.

They try to copy a IPTV imperium like Amazon and Netflix that are legal and pretty cheap to have. So why people spend money to support pirates or even terrorits networks?


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Different CI same ****

front165707People never learn….. no real security again.


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Secure your code on a AVR / PIC

The good old Pic´s and Avr are mostly used in hobby projects , but sometimes also in the industrial area. Most of the chip´s dont have a security function, and you can grab all data or you can change it.

If you don´t want the somebody is modify your code there is a dirty trick to get people mad.

photo_2016-05-29_23-11-21You can cut of the conductor track direct on a bonding point.


photo_2016-05-29_23-11-25Same for AVR´s


photo_2016-05-29_23-11-45After finishing you got no more an EEPROM… you got a PROM!

Thanks to the Guru 🙂

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DVB encryption with OTP is weak


Building barricades to protect content in the DVB are is not a new thing. It start´s with the used CAS and DRM Restrictions up to hardware pairing to a special vendors box. The first hardware pairing was used with the CAS Betacrypt with the BlueCam. (The BlueCam was an internal CA system that has the option to get paired to the Dbox 1) So to get a system married to a special box isn´t the big finger. The Boxkey system was also used too. It was broken very fast cause the Key itself was stored in a EEPROM inside the STB.

Today it looks like the same security, the only news is that the Key is now stored inside the DVB Core in a special protected OTP area. ST and Broadcom uses this on the newer generation of DVB chipset´s.




What we need to know is:

  • Pairing uses a Diffie Hellmann handshake – special for CI+ with 3 RSA cert´s
  • The overcrypt traffic is protected by 3DES or AES (depends on the Vendor)
  • The smart card encrypt the Control Word (AES/3DES)

We have a weakness inside the STB file system. (Plain RSA cert´s). The next stept is we can decrypt the traffic between CI+ HOST and CLIENT. So that makes CI+ nut´s cause it is possible to emulate.

Same on the normal non CI+ version. We can do the man in the middle Attack.

PANIC! But the CW is still encrypted by a heavy encryption system. Is that true?

Maybe it is true?! xD .  AES is not broken yet, AES has too much possible Keys that we need to brut force. A Rainbow Table is not useful. 1.1 x 10^77 possible keys on 256 bit that we need to precalculate and have the storage for it. Sounds like petabyte not gigabyte.

But what happens if we can cut the possible keys to 1/2 ? or 1/4?

How? We know the CW is like 2^64 thats arround 18,4 trillion possible control words.

Back to AES… AES is a block cipher.. that means every block has the same size. Thats the differents to a stream cipher. A stream cipher is used in WEP encryption or in RC4. the stream cipher is weak, cause we can find the 3 keys that we need to decrypt the magic. For example the old PDF encryption had a stream cipher with 56 bit. The Key collision to find the magic was pretty fast cracked. Same on 128 bit version by magic Rainbow Tables.

So where the hell is the weakness? CI+ again!

A hint for all those haxxors… i stick 00000000 in and become 128 bit out..?! 128Bit / Known Plaintext= Key .. do it a couple times… and the possible key´s will be reduced!

If „CW“ known compare to reduce more keys!

—————-END OF PREVIEW———-

FULL-PDF use contact! – Only for Companys in Crypto Biz!



Cause LOGIC is a kind that nobody can BUY! It doesn’t matter your study in Cambridge… Logic is something your mother and dad gave you on the DNA! CYA MotherTruckers!




to be updated

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