Wikileaks leaked Sony Doc´s

After Wikileaks published the data of the Sony Hack i was pretty interested to see what kind of files and data are leaked. Well very interesting stuff leaked.

I dont care about non technical information s but yeah the full CI+ technical sheet and few other documents are in the collection of the Wikileaks Sony case.

– CI+ full technical Sheet highly confidential

– Sky Italy White papers for scrambling

– Few Nagravision documents (scrambling and security)

– Irdeto DRM also highly confidential

It´s very interesting to read and well you see that few company´s do not learn how they should handle the security biz. WTF why they gave out such critical data to a customer?

A customer need´s a final solution to sell his goods and no technical details about the crypto inside the CI+ or DRM.


I´ve you have a security company for encryption stuff then you have all in your hand. I mean you have to build on Asic´s, self programmed Software and finally a product that secure´s the content and this means no or any third-party. I dunno any company that was not hacked or documents leaked cause of home-made problems a kind of shame.

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