MC68000PX rubbish :)

China the World of counterfight stuff…….


Check the Mask Code….  naa dont waste time… fake

Polish down the real brand…. and do a new brand on it….

Sombody tryed to hide the real brand 🙂

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C64 Development

Iám so sorry, that i can´t do any development for C64 or 128.

If you want to support me, send me a C64 🙂 Then i can do some stuff.

Use the CONTACT for detail´s.

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Amiga Audio DSP

Teaser: Amiga DSP with 2×1,8W

Status: Prototyping

Iám working on a Audio DSP for generic use. But i wanted to use it on my old A500.

Hope to get it done Q2 2018

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AMIGA Video Hybrid AVH Replacement

Amiga Video Hybrid DAC AVH

Today arrived the Amiga 500 Video Hybrid Replacement. Soon available….!!!

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First at all you need to flash the Bootloader if you are using a Mini-Pro Clone.

German Tutorial:

English Tutorial:

and you need the Firmware that can be found here

After all you can add your FTDI UART to USB and use the Software.

Watch out that you need at least 7,5V DC to run the PCB, if you run more Voltage like 12V the 7805 regulator is getting hot, do not forget to add a Heatsink.

Normally ypu don’t need 12V for the most Floppy Drives,  5V+ are mostly used.



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Liqtech 240 @ Enermax – Long-Term Test Result

Liqtech 240 from Enermax #Enermax (EOL)

long-term results


I wasn´t sure about AIO-Watercooling Systems so i bought me a Liqtech 240 for the smaller Workstation. (FX8350) Price was around 100€ .

The installation wasn´t so bad, but the hose couplings broke by installation after 5 minutes. The hose was to stiff and inside the hose was a tiny plug that make´s sure that no water will leak out of it.  I wrote an email to the RMA here in Hamburg and after multiple minutes i got the answer.  So i send it to the RMA  and 3-4 days later i got a new one.

The MTBF says around 50K hours on the HW. Well not sure but true. Iám missing 5K hours.  I was wondering about the heat the last day´s and you know the AMD FX Series is a TPD Monster with 125W. The Fan´s gone crazy around 2500 RPM and the heat was rising up to emergency shutdown.  OK ?!

The big problem on almost all AIO Watercooling Systems is that you can´t have a look inside the pump or the level of fluid.

The pump is dead beef….. take a look yourself

Yeahhh rusti water……….

Take a spoon and take a nip.

Well the „water“ smells like somebody  need a quick pee


Well the Radiator and the fan´s are still OK, but the pump is dead.

Results :  Quick installation

                  Very bad hose connectors

                  Missing a fluid windows to check the level of fluid

                 Missing a pump status or fluid flow window

                 RMA is quick (for Germany) no problems at all

                 Bad fluid is used and too much dirt cause of „wrong“ fluid or bad mixture

                 Fan´s are very good

                 Good cooling effect almost 30°C ~ Summer max 40°C on  medium/heavy usage

                 Fittings no leak so far

                 Solid pump casing


If Enermax fix the fluid and the status of the pump 10/10 point´s

@ Enermax send a Sample for the next run 🙂



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How to burn your house down by Chinese Manufacturer and grab the money from the insurence

This 230V AC Adapter with USB 5V DC output can easy burn your house down.

They used a 0,25m² flex cable to transport the 230-240V AC.  What the fuuuuck.

You can see a missing capacitor on the top left. This Capacitor was made for 25V with 22µF.  It melted down by overcurrent. The big Transistor is a MJE13003 and not the best choice for 230V more for the United States of America with 110V. The tiny transformer is melted down too. There is no information about this tiny transformer, only that it stinks.

Generally this tiny transformer in cube design is dangerous for European . You have to put your fingers the half way inside the power socket and it is missing a Earth-Connection too.



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PC Floppy Drive to read Amiga Floppy Disk´s with Amiga DOS

PCB Design

First grab some fact´s that we need to know about a Floppy Drive.

As Sample I took a NEC FD1231H drive cause it is very often to get on Ebay or Second Hand Shop´s.  information’s can be found here.

NEC only give us 5/12V and 1/4W as comments. So we need around 300mA on 5V or  125mA for 12V.  There is no advice about the used Voltage… Does it needs 12V or just 5V or both? NEC says it requier´s min 5V.

The big Question is, das USB gives us enought current?

USB 1.X ~ 100mA max.

USB 2.X ~ 500mA max.

USB 3.X ~ 900mA max.

We need 2 external PCB´s, a Arduino Mini-Pro and a FTDI232 or a generic interface to get the Data from the Floppy. The Pro Mini takes around 200mA max.  The FTDI max rating´s are 24mA. But what about the Floppy if it´s in bad shape?

So best way is to use an external Power Supply 12V and 1A to be on the secure side.

You can order a PCB for few bug´s soon on ALLPCB.COM ,  you can plug and play put your hardware at home on the PCB and just need to connect the Floppy to it

A Bundle PCB with all needed part´s except the Floppy and Power Supply, can purchased soon. A Privat to Privat sale and not Commercial. Same for other PCB´s that you can get here too.

First Prototype arrived….

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Hardlock USB Security?

Old school Hardlock Dongle.



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Web and Intranet Security

The World Wide Web is full of confidential stuff. It doesn´t matter what kind you are looking for. Full confidential Datasheet´s from manufacturers, customer data from Tax office´s, Burger King internal payroll´s.  IF you want them just search for it you will find it.

Iám doing random forensic to keep me up 2 date.. Mostly the company´s staff is lazy or stupid to keep the internal protected. Also privat people don´t care about the privacy or doesn´t now how to handle a NAS to keep details away from the public.

Ok… Never touch anything you find on the net or change it! But here iám a Asshole and set his Alarm clock to 3:30am  ….  just a prank… but never do anything else like destroy printer or use fax that not belongs to you!




It take´s only less than 10 minutes to find a  Jpeg in good quality with valid ID-Card´s.  Less than 1 minute to find a privat NAS Service included nude pictures. 1 silly minute for confidential PDF´s that are under NDA. Very high confidential Key´s for RSA or other technical stuff like HDCP.


Do not change or touch anything if you find stuff like that. It´s a local Power supply!

My 50 Cent: “ Admin´s please read a book like internet for dummies….“



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