Monatsarchive: Januar 2018

MC68000PX rubbish :)

China the World of counterfight stuff…….   Check the Mask Code….  naa dont waste time… fake Polish down the real brand…. and do a new brand on it…. Sombody tryed to hide the real brand 🙂

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C64 Development

Iám so sorry, that i can´t do any development for C64 or 128. If you want to support me, send me a C64 🙂 Then i can do some stuff. Use the CONTACT for detail´s.

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Amiga Audio DSP

Teaser: Amiga DSP with 2×1,8W Status: Prototyping Iám working on a Audio DSP for generic use. But i wanted to use it on my old A500. Hope to get it done Q2 2018

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