34 years of Copy Protection – DRM – and the waste of money

Should we say 34 years of piracy?

In 2018 we got the 35th birthday of Copy Protection, now called as DRM. In the early 80th developer of bigger Company´s like Lucas Art´s started to protect their games with a kind of Copy Protection with different methodes.  On Floppy Disc´s they started to make extra Bad Sectors to fight piracy, the other way was to prevent to copy a Code Book that was printed in colors so nobody can copy the book on a copying machine cause they work only in black and white.

Every of those Copy Protection´s was cracked few weeks lator or they found a way to bypass it.


In the 90th in swiss started an analog TV program called Teleclub , it was scrambled on the analog way by a company called Kudelski aka Nagravision. They crypto System was called Syster.  It was a pseudorandom number generator that protected the content. They used all 32 lines of the PAL standard and mixed all lines up random. Same to the Audio line.They used a kind of Smart card / Hardware Dongle solution.

*Syster from Nagravision on Premiere „analog“


Other systems like Euro Crypt that was builded by France Telecom, it was a simple DES encryption in combination with a Smart card.

If you had an old Pentium 166 MHz with a PCI TV Card with 878 Chipset you could watch TV for free.


On the Computer sector they had lot´s of solutions to bypass any kind on analog protection. A Tool for that was called  nibble Copy.

This was the end of the analog protection….. R.I.P


Later on the Digital era started….. DRM

On Television they used a digital Signal that was protected by random encryption´s. For example Irdeto, Seca  Mediaguard, Nagravision, Conax , Cryptoworks , Videoguard NDS and a couple more. All those encyption´s was cracked too.  They changed the Algo´s included new Smartcard´s.

The PC sector was going crazy with new kind´s of Copy Protection. One of the famous once´s was Safedisc. Rainbows Six in 1998 was once of the games. Just a waste of money a generic patcher was included to famous copy tool´s to make a 1:1 copy.

Same stuff happens to console gaming, but u needed to solder a mod chip inside your gaming station.

The newest Copy Protection comes from Denuvo and is partly cracked on August 2016 by a group called CONSPIR4CY ! Part´s of the needed code was leaked over the world-wide web.

IPTV Copy Protection was cracked too. They bypassed the HDCP DRM by sniffing the key that was needed.


Globally all they spend quadrillion of dollar´s to prevent piracy world-wide. No Company was able till now to prevent the content 100%. Everything was cracked, hacked, sniffed by reverse engineering.  So nobody is able to make a system that is resistant against piracy. We all are Human and make mistakte´s and try to make it better, but Piracy will be forever!

We still have real Pirates on the Sea shipping around the World.

My 50 cent´s to the Company´s : “ Yeah still belive a XOR is safe , see you in year 3K and nothing learned“

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