A Kid plays IS / ISIS content on Bohemia´s Game on DayZ!

Here’s what 10 year old kids get up to in DayZ: “Hacking” into servers and using global voice chat to troll people and streamers like me. Annoying and absolutely wrong. Someone needs to get a hold of this kid and teach him a lesson. He followed me into several servers, cussing me out, playing very wrong music, especially in the light of recent events.

After a quick lookup it´s possible that a member of twitch was peeking Themeepfactors stream. Azmaraboyzz & Aznaz4 it´s not 100% proofed. Cause we dont have access to any IP addresses or anything else. This calles himself a Hacker….

We hope that the NSA or FBI even the rest of all international Secret Services can get him!

Here is the Video Evidence that TheMeepfactor recorded and i published it.






Here you can see the Stream included Server switching, that means the global voice is true.


You can see the full Stream @ http://www.twitch.tv/themeepfactor/v/26105168


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