Content Security HDCP/Netflux/Firmware/DTV…

Useless Security


We are living is a smart world… after the year 2000 we went so digital and life in a very shiny world of security. Why the Hack nobody of the security company’s secure the content against leaking information’s ?

After the HDCP Ver. 2.X and the downgrade to 1.4 to record digital content from Amazon and Netflix. I spend multiple time to investigate the problems. The Result is clear, there is no security. It´s possible to infect such as the DTV API and IPTV stuff like Netflix without spending much time.

dtv dtvcas hdcp

No wonder if you can see the HDCP API and you can ROOT the SMART TV. You have mostly full access to all files and data. It depends if there are OTP Chips like Broadcom or ST. But most of the used IC´s are MTK China ARM´s that are pretty easy to dump.


Major problem

The firmware for Smart TV´s is AES encrypted.  For example all Key´s for LG televion´s are known. That means people can hijack the Netflix API. Same for all used DRM and CI+ restrictions. Poor security….. You get what you pay…. poor Security, poor DRM and modified equipment that support´s more and more piracy such as KODI or Cardsharing support. I wish Chuck Norris give a roundhouse kick to all the major security company’s and the development staff.

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