Counterfight Nvidia 650 TI


Well made in China means mostly counteright product´s. You should never by computer part´s on Ebay or Alibaba etc!


The Core is pirated by filthy few somewhere in Korea or China, even the Samsung Ram is not Samsung…. more than a bad copy of it.

What did they do?

For me it looks like the main Pcb is a faulty by manufacturing process and it´s a Geforce 2X GTX series. They have overwritten the Chip information s and the Vendor and Subvendor ID and patched all facts to Geforce 650 TI.

Even the sensor for temperature is broken.

This is how to make money with scam ware…. on multiple way…

The Seller only refunds 20-25% of the price. This is the way to make money isn’t it?

I wish that those people will get cancer or a bad accident.



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