CSA CI+ Keyladder Syndrome

A lot of wanne be pirates have this issue. They are getting sick from the „Keyladder Syndrome“ This illness is founded in 2016. Where the first crypto companys started the over crypt to protect the control word for DVB. The pirates that do not wear eyepatches or don’t have a big wooden ship in the harbor are fucked now.

The control word that is needed for internet sharing is now useless, cause it is encrypted. Most of them doesn’t realize that sharing is nearby dead. But they try with big mouth and useless postings in community´s to be the biggest Pirates with high factor resistens. They call them self „elite“ Hacker. the average from 50.000 registered people become 2 or 5 people with knowledge. The rest are leeches. They are overstrained with simple mathematics or knowledge in electronics. If you deliver them the full solution , they need to think about it and blinded by human stupidity and getting aggressive , cause they don´t understand it. The Keyladder Syndrome comes with aggressions, stupidity, blindness and compulsively masturbation. For now we don´t have any medicine that can help them.

They don´t accept the two factor authorization , they don’t accept any triple DES encryption and they belief prime numbers doesn’t´t exist´s. Another illness similar is the conspiracy theory. Wearing aluminum hat´s protects against cosmic ray´s.

Common Pairing explained for dummies: BOB and Mary first shake hands before they talk. That´s the first rule! After Bob and Mary shaked hands they know something secret from each other . (Bob knows that Mary ´s birthday is in 7 days as example, Mary knows that Bob masturbate 3 times a day) So they building the RSA (21) The 21 is made out of primes 3 and 7. So they are able to encrypt the talking with a secret cipher. But for now they figure out a second key for the over crypt language itself. After a while Bob and Mary turned around few times they have a 128 bit key for the scrambling language. That means that if they say something the message is two times protected. That is the basic over crypt. Hard pairing modes works on more secret´s that Bob and Mary have. The man in the middle the pirates doesn’t´t have any idea what Bob and Mary are talking now. And this makes them frustrated .

3DES Example: HELLOMARYWhatsgoingon? Encrypted Message: 86103AFF91822A6C132F3327E34DFB343BC28157ED58CE01 in Hex format. Both sides have the Key stored in the OTP memory (head). (Key: ee9b10fd3da7ae7e4670b476a7635239) to prevent that is a fake message we add a SHA-1 4ce70badff38d9fb626aab61dc3b66844966bf30 as Signatur. Now Mary validate it… she decrypt the 3DES and becomes HELLOMARYWhatsgoingon? Marys Keyset have 10 Keys stored. The answer that she gives is now encrypted with AES with the same 128 bit.

So that means the Keyladder is a variable system, every Key from K0 – K99 has a different encryption modus . For the first Key 01 we choose simple 3DES, K2 a simple AES, K3 Maybe a 3 DES with SHA, K4 a root key ee9b10fd3da7ae7e4670b476a7635239 that gets modified to 192 bit with the birth date of Bob. One Key in the system must be common for updates or modifications and generic protection. Are you frustrated now? Please if you do so talk to your doctor. And remember OTP never change.. one time programmable. Like ROM, first it is a PROM Programm-able then it is a ROM READ ONLY MEMORY.

And please if you are a hobbie pirate on DVB and you can not understand the workaround stick your nose into book´s or search for another hobbie… maybe riding a horse oder pick up empty tin´s with deposit. But DO NOT share your useless knowledge in community´s! Maybe write a topic about deposit and the best places where you can find bottles and tin´s!

#Digital Universe, Elite Board, Nighthawk and many more… if it´s to complex drop it.

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