Digital Piracy just blame the pirates.

The news about piracy overturn every day.

Every day big news about piracy in different sector´s like “Pay TV” or copy protection and the motion picture industry. How comes that so many piracy exists? The only answer is just PIRATES in the new´s, but is it right or just humbug?

Since digital TV started you can read about piracy. Same on old media devices like VHS or DVD piracy was always there. Do you remember Floppydisc`s? Every movie, application and game was pirated. Take a look wayback to the Commodore C64 and the time. Floppydisc´s get copied and spreaded all over the world. Operating systems like MS-DOS was spread over the world as illegal copy´s.

The first digital pay tv was hacked but why?

Why always content get copied?

You need to take a look behind the curtain. If a company yell´s about piracy problem´s they are not able to find the problem and easy blame pirates to have a excuse. We are the big company and the evil pirates damage our business. Threadbare answers that such company´s publish to be not the guilty people.

The big movie manufacturers of the world didn’t get it that own staff copied inside the company DVD´s or other medium´s and sold it on the black market. Corrupt Managers from CAS vendor´s leaked information into the dark channel´s that the system get hacked. Did you read about such things? No of course not, such information get hidden. What you can read is “Codex cracked Denuvo” “CPY cracked….” Why they get this protection cracked? Cause they can do it and why? Cause lame protection as always. That count´s for digital medium´s like Blueray media and regular application code and sure for “secure chip card´s” as well . And company´s need a answer for piracy….. Fucking Pirates….as always. But this is so wrong….

A simply Set Top Box manufacturer have to secure the platform with hardware protection against counter fight and content protection. Today they rowed back to OTP protection. That means you have a Core and internal you have a special protected area with a OTP (one time programmable) . This contains a magic key for encryptions like AES/RSA or other encryptions. This area should be bullet proof against any kind of hacking. But it is not bullet proof and those people who figured out a way to grab this magic key are not evil, they are clever! So that means the manufacturer did not make his job right cause it was not secure!

Another example is a Gaming Console. It doesn’t matter if it´s the Sony Playstation or Nintendo handheld console. Final goal is to make the consumer happy with gaming or alternative content. But why exist´s ROM dump´s or counter fight copy´s for gaming consoles? Cause people found a way to bypass the protection´s.

Is the “hacker” the main problem or was the protection lame?

The main Problem is that documents (Datasheet´s) getting leaked direct form the manufacturer or the IC manufacturer. Those document´s are confidential and you have to sign a non disclosure agreement contract if you want them. For this CASE the manufacturer failed!

Company´s mostly have to blame themselves. Cause they don’t have the correct configured NAS File Server that have the SMB port open and every idiot can access to this files. And belief me i found a lot of confidential Datasheet´s or Schematic´s that are highly confidential! Few of the company´s doesn’t pay the staff well and the staff get´s mad and leak information´s. Corrupt Manager´s leak information´s to sell a new protection to another company to grab a bonus. The product is way to expensive for consumer´s and they try to grab a copy instead a licensed software.

The best way is always for a company to blame pirates and hackers, cause it is easier to spread such lie´s instead of investigate the main problem. The company´s who have the biggest new´s or problem´s with pirates are the biggest scumbags. Blaming other people is always easier then do a workout for the main problem! Fucking Pirates! Filthy Hacker!

Psychologically blinding someone to transfer problems to others is easier than standing up for themselves and saying the product was not that good.

Piracy is what it is, not legit but if the manufacturer or who else is involved open the door´s for a attacker, they have to blame themselves. I just want to open your eyes and say that it’s not always the pirates fault. The doors are already open. A Secure System have to be secure and the documentation have to be too.

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