How to decap a IC with rosin….

First of all you need 3 beaker . The first beaker is used on the hotplate on full power :), we reduce the heat later. The crystals are rosin from a pine. you can get it on Ebay or Amazon. Don´t buy a bunch of it 20g are enough

If the rosin is liquid and you see little bubbles it is ok. A IC take up to 20 minutes to be ready! Watch for the heat… if you see in the middle of the beaker the rosin fumes are condensing on the beaker the heat is right. Around 160°C – 200°C are needed for success.

to early

If you remove it to early but it back to the rosin beaker…. and give it up to 10 minutes more.

Last step is ULTRA SONIC! Put few Acetone into the second beaker and this beaker into the ultra sonic….. 5 minutes ok 10 minutes are better.

clean as as fuck
pulled it to early out of the rosin beaker P8WE5032 Smartcard

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