How works the illegal IPTV and reselling?

The ditribution of illegal IPTV is very easy, but it´s not easy to take them down. Why?

The illegal IPTV sector is splitted up to a handfull of people, that reshare the content over a huge spider network to the customer. Not only IPTV STREAMS are a problem that filthy guys have a libary of illegal copys of movies that are uploaded daily to the servers.

They try to copy a IPTV imperium like Amazon and Netflix that are legal and pretty cheap to have. So why people spend money to support pirates or even terrorits networks?

Here a schematic of a small IPTV Network.

IPTVS2It shows that a customer payed arround 10 Bug´s per month and get all content he wanne have. His payment is stored by an external company that sends only a transaction code the Pirat Database – The login details he get direct from the database. Like Username/Password. But he needs to give his MAC ID to the Database too.

The MAC ID is to be sure that he only can watch it and can not reshare it. The Traffic is encrypted with MAC ID and IP, Maybe more never had a look on it.

So his product is authenticated with the MAC and Login details. The Payment is secure untile a Judge claims the right for an inspection to the federal police. The encrypted Traffic of the content is untouchable cause of encryption END TO END and we dont now the details like MAC ID. The customer whould mean his is good protected, but he is not.

Pirates Revers Engineer DRM Encryptions and Watermarking stuff or easy blurr the real owner details of a real IPTV account.  The original Stream has more then 10 possible marks that are not visible. For example Watermarking or even in the sub Audio!

They try the best to remove thoose marks and remux the content to a lower quality.


….. and it´s very easy to get your details…. IP – Transaction ID – PayPal or other – MAC ID – Money Transfer to service…… Evidence.


to be continued

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