O2 Box 6431 Bootloader – WTF

Hi, so my DSL line is based on O2. Since i got this account i had a issue with VOIP services. So if you wanner call somebody you can´t reach any phone number it gives the busy tone and nothing happens. So today O2 Support called me and we tried to figure out what´s wrong with this device.

After some random boring test´s we tried a Factory Default reset… So just a pen to reach the RST Button and you have to turn off/on the device.

While do the reset toggle on off the modem… after that you can access

Ups we entered wrong areal…..

Normal Access…..

So if we have access to the Bootloader code, we can get SIP details (account data).

So this device is only loaned, cant play evil things on it. So will try to get a used one on Ebay. 😛



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