OTP Security Part II


To verife the decrypted CW, we can use the offline CSA decrypter and have a look arround.

Importen is that we record the full raw TS file from the beam. (included ECM/EMM data)

Tools we need!

  • CI+ Modul for the vendor (Irdeto, Nagra,NDS,Cryptoworks,Conax)


We can pull the basic informations from the CI+ Eeprom if it´s needed. (AT45 Flash)

  • A Box or Device that can record the full raw Stream.
  • Some wire and solder stuff
  • A talki device like Bus Pirat or Arduino to log.
  • a PCB adapter for CI or wire to get all data between Host and Client

If we got all the stuff we can start hacking without cracking 🙂 sound for me legal, but not sure.

Basicly the CI+ recives all TS stuff from the Box (tuner) and decrypt the TS Stream.



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