Retro Hardware

Amiga Video Hybrid changelog

On Revision 4.X, changed resistors for the composite output.

  • added 2x 12K0 resistors for composite output

Composite is more stable now then the original schematic based on. A optional housing protect´s the Video Hybrid from dust and thermal problem´s. Commodore used a ceramic mix to compensate the heat. We choose a epoxy mix for thermal and revers engineering to protect the device. We can´t give any warranty on the DIY-KIT.

Delivery possible at end of February or March 2019
2 Versions for sale. DIY KIT or fully assembled in epoxy housing. Approximate price is for the DIY-KIT 15€ (old Version) – fully assembled (new Version) included E-Test 35€.

Reseller are welcome, please contact us for pricing information and bulk/retail prices.

Why you should purchase? Cause we deliver no bullshit! Every part is fresh and original, no cheap/fake transistors,capacitors or resistors from China. The Video Hybrid is manufactured in Colone Germany. „Made in Germany“ pure quality.

This Schematic / PCB is not based on the original. It is modified!
2X 12K resistors added for better handling.