Web and Intranet Security

The World Wide Web is full of confidential stuff. It doesn´t matter what kind you are looking for. Full confidential Datasheet´s from manufacturers, customer data from Tax office´s, Burger King internal payroll´s.  IF you want them just search for it you will find it.

Iám doing random forensic to keep me up 2 date.. Mostly the company´s staff is lazy or stupid to keep the internal protected. Also privat people don´t care about the privacy or doesn´t now how to handle a NAS to keep details away from the public.

Ok… Never touch anything you find on the net or change it! But here iám a Asshole and set his Alarm clock to 3:30am  ….  just a prank… but never do anything else like destroy printer or use fax that not belongs to you!




It take´s only less than 10 minutes to find a  Jpeg in good quality with valid ID-Card´s.  Less than 1 minute to find a privat NAS Service included nude pictures. 1 silly minute for confidential PDF´s that are under NDA. Very high confidential Key´s for RSA or other technical stuff like HDCP.


Do not change or touch anything if you find stuff like that. It´s a local Power supply!

My 50 Cent: ” Admin´s please read a book like internet for dummies….”



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